Physiotherapy Testimonials


Dr Ravi treated my wife for arthritis of knees. He has saved her from replacement of knees. We are very grateful to him. I recommend to all who need physiotherapy. He is the best.

Dev Dutta Director horticulture.(Rtd), CPWD New Delhi,

I came to APC for my exercises for total hip replacement. Undergone 3 weeks of physio treatment. Now I am doing well without any assistive aids. Thanks to APC team

Mr. Raj Kundra,

I came to APC with acute cervical pain Dr. Ravi has given me 10 days of treatment for my neck pain and explained me all the exercises. My neck pain never comes again.

Chandan Prasad ,

I have come from Iraq for my knee replacement Dr. Ravi has treated me for 15 days after exercises. I am very confident and there is no pain and I am climbing stairs without any stick. Wish u all the best.

Mr. Abdul,

In APC quality and commitment towards treatment is excellent.

Raj Mathur,

APC team is doing a very good job in treating as well as preventing back injuries ..I am thankful to APC.


Dr. Ravi and his team works on very scientific and correct technique using the right mix of equipment and exercises.

Mr. Manoj,

Very nice set up and with all new advanced machine.

Mrs Saroj,

Thanks to Dr. Neelima for helping to get rid of my prolong backache.

Ms. Ujjawala,

Physiotherapy Testimonials


I came for my ACL rehab with pain and stiffness in my left knee I have gone to many physiotherapy centre but not getting proper relief. But in APC WITHIN 7 days I am feeling very good and there is no complain thanks to Dr. Ravi and Dr. Neelima.


I am a boxer for 15 years. I recently suffered a disc prolapse in my lower back from simple twisting awkwardly while cleaning the car. I came to APC and took 10 sessions of physiotherapy. Not only physio helps me to recover but Dr. Ravi worked with me to increase core stability through relevant exercises to prevent this happening again. I am now back to full training while continuing exercises and stretches.

Mr. Kulwinder Singh,

I have had 3 injuries in the last few months to do with hamstring pull, Tendoachilles injury and shoulder problem. In each the problem were correctly diagnosed and resolved in 7 sessions. A few selected exercises were given in between the sessions .Now completely recovered. Here doctors are very friendly, professional and thoroughly recommended.

Mr. Anuj Thapa,

As a professional pilot i was experiencing extreme back, neck and arm discomfort at work and home. Repeated twisting and reaching out activities was making the issue acute.Dr. Ravi advised me that my posture was in need of correction. After a handful session I was able to work pain free and a set of simple exercises that enable me to continue my work. Thanks a lot.


My body feels as if heaves a sign of relief. I fit into my body for the first time ever. Thanks to APC for helping me to lose 15 kg weight.

Mrs. Neetu Sharma,

I am a pregnant woman for the last seven weeks I have had symptoms of pubis pain, low back and groin pain. My doctor suggested Dr. Neelima at APC she showed me how to sit, stand and walk with the pelvic floor and abdominal activity. I had almost complete relief within 5 days of physio session.

Dr. Isha Bhagat,

As I sit to type this testimony I am completely pain free, I feel as if I have my life back again and can’t wait to get on with it – bring it on. Thanks to APC.

Ms. Ritu Sharma,

After visiting numerous physio centres and trying much different technique to alleviate hip pain. I became the patient of APC. Through exercises and advanced machines now I am improved a lot. Now I am able to ski. The staff at APC are extremely competent, considerate and highly professional.

Mr. Neeraj Sharma,

I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending APC for the knee and back problems to others. They are the specialist of these conditions.

Mrs. Amit,

Having played golf for 35 years in recent years I have been restricted by a back pain. I have seen numerous physios and other back pain specialist who have not been relieved my symptoms. One day my doctor recommended me to APC and after taking few sessions. I am honestly say results HAVE BEEN phenomenal after 1 month I am now able to play golf with any movement restriction and pain .

Peter Mathew,

I have suffered from sciatica for the last few months and have tried physio treatment at various centres but not getting any relief. After my first visit to APC my back felt significantly easier and I would fully recommended anyone to have treatment for back pain at APC.

Mr. John Thomas,

I started with back pain then sciatica had physio sessions at many hospitals. But the pain is horrific in the low back and down to the left leg.MRI revealed large disc prolapsed in L5-S1.I had two micro- dissectomy operations but pain still persists. Then someone recommended Dr. Ravi at APC after taking 2 weeks of treatment I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Ravi for the treatment of back pain.

Mr. David Cameron,

I have an ankle injury not be able to walk properly thanks to Dr. Neelima for the physiotherapy and support for giving me pain free movements.