Condromalacia of Patella

Condromalacia of Patella  is defined as blistering, cystic changes of patellar cartilage and it usually affects the medial aspect of patella. Commonly associated with vastus madialis tendinitis.

Condromalacia of Patella Causes

  • Weakness of vastus medialis, high Q angle causes vastus imbalance and over action of lateral vasti,malalignment produced by foot leads to pronation and internal rotation of tibia.


Condromalacia of Patella clinical features

  • Generalized deep pain in knee
  • Knee may be swollen with chronic effusion of synovial fluid and positive patellofemoral grinding test.
  • Patella will appear out of alignment and may have high Q angle.Vastus medialis will be weak patient may not be able to squat.


Condromalacia of Patella Physiotherapy Measures
  • Heat to reduce pain
  • Isometric to hip, quadriceps
  • Assisted SLR
  • Rom exercises both active and passive for knee.
  • Gradual PRE to knee muscles.
  • Preventive measures to prevent excessive knee hyperextension of knee.