Motor Neuron Physiotherapy Treatment

Motor Neuron is a progressive disorder of unknown cause in which degeneration of motor neuron in the Motor Neuronspinal cord and cranial nerve nuclei and of pyramidal neurons in motor cortex. About 5% shown  autosomal, dominant inheritance. Genetic defect lying in chromosome 21 the enzyme being involved is  superoxide dismutase.


Usually after age of 50 years
Very uncommon before age of 30 years
Affects males more than females
Limb muscle weakness, cramps, occasionally fasciculation
Disturbance of speech/swallowing
Wasting and fasciculation of muscles
Weakness of muscles of limbs,tongue,face and palate
Pyramidal  tract involvement causes spasticity, exaggerated tendon reflexes extensor planter response
External ocular muscles and sphincters usually remain intact
No objective sensory deficit
No intellectual impairments
Symptoms often begin focally in one part and spread gradually but relentlessly to become widespread


Motor Neurone Physiotherapy Measures

  • To maintain and improve mobility
  • Improve muscle strength, balance coordination
  •  Improve in gait
  • Improve in quality of life and rehabilitate to ADL.